The Haliburton County Collection

In 2000, with one-time funding through a private estate, U-Links initiated the Grey Literature Project and created the Haliburton County Collection. The Collection catalogues "grey literature": primarily written material, produced on all levels of government, academics, business, and industry, in print and electronic format, which is not published commercially. Grey literature tells the unofficial story of a place; it speaks of the living heritage of a community and is valuable in maintaining a community's identity and in planning for its future.

Objectives of the Grey Literature Project:
  • To establish and maintain a single central database of Haliburton County Grey Literature
  • To increase awareness of information about the county
  • To make information readily available and accessible by local citizens, students, and other interested parties
  • To index and track Haliburton County Grey Literature
  • To provide a location for Grey Literature to be collected in order to prevent it from being discarded
How can the Haliburton County Collection help you?

The Collection is searchable online in an electronic archive and includes papers, reports, diaries, documents, and studies of a social, political, historic, planning and development, and environmental nature, totaling more than 500 items. The Collection also lists all the research reports written by Trent University students through the Community Based Education Program that U-Links delivers.

The collection can be used as a resource for school projects, background information for a business idea, or to learn about the Haliburton area in general. You can find interesting information on the people and culture of this county as well as its history.

Locating a Document

The archive allows the user to search by title, author or by a variety of key words. Because not all the items in the archive are located at U-Links, the location and availability of the item is also listed. The items located at U-Links are those in the County: Grey Literature collection; they can be found either on the Library Shelves or in a File Drawer in the U-Links library.

There are second copies of the Bioregionalism papers (TPB) at the Haliburton Highlands Museum. You will need to call ahead to access these copies.

There are second copies of the Trent Papers (TP) - those produced through U-Links' Community-Based Research program - at the Haliburton Library. To access these copies, go to the library's website at, click on "Catalogue" and choose "anyword" in the drop down menu, then type in U-Links.

Contributing to the Collection

Do you have papers, book and other literature stored away in boxes that may be a valuable resource to the community? Your contributions to the collection are welcome. The Haliburton County Collection is always on the lookout for various types of writt en material that have not been commercially published (out of date or current). This may include any of the items listed above, and any other printed or electronic non-commercial material relevant to Haliburton County.

Expanding the Collection

U-Links is working to expand the scope of this electronic archive through the implementation of the Haliburton Electronic Archive Project (HEAP.) HEAP aims to facilitate 'one-stop shopping' for information within Haliburton County by consolidating the information found in informal resource collections of community organizations and businesses in locations across the county. Thus far, the resource collections of three organizations in the county have been catalogued making an additional 130 items searchable through the electronic archive.

The Haliburton County Collection is a model for other rural areas to catalogue and store records that are vital to maintaining the living heritage of the community.