Windy Pine Woodlot Research and Management

Kasia Janik, Charlie Phillips, Greg Stones, Jessica Swan
U-Links 705-286-2411

The Windy Pine property is a very uneven 25 acre plot with two large hills

and most plants separated into species communities based on niche partitioning.

Management of this forest is thus a challenge because most machines will have

trouble on the hills and profitable trees are surrounded by trees of less value. To

manage the forest while keeping to the goals of the project, it will be necessary to

monitor the land for diseases, invasive plants and trees that may pose a safety

hazard to visitors. To do this, the authors of the paper propose to build a trail

network in the forest to help researchers keep the forest healthy and allow guests

from either the cottages or surrounding areas to explore and learn from the land.

We propose that to keep with the goals of the project, the land should be logged

only to promote health of the forest and carried out with animals such as horses

to minimize impact on soil and plants. Trails would be developed by a summer

student technician who would follow the Haliburton Highlands Trails and Tour

Network trail making outline. As well, interpretive and informative signs and bird

lookout areas can be created to educate visitors about Windy Pine and the way

the forest is managed. The report also contains information on identification and

removal of invasive species in the Haliburton region.