Seven Years Later:

Evaluating Impact on Active Transportation in Haliburton County
Kate Hall, M.Sc. Planning, Sue Shikaze, H.B.O.R./B.Sc.
October 2013
U-Links, C.I.A
Communities In Action
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of the work of the Communities in Action
Committee on changes to active transportation (AT) policy, infrastructure and activity in Haliburton
County, a small rural area in Ontario. The study period was 2005 to 2012. Four evaluation strategies
were used: an inventory, community survey, observational study, and key informant interviews. The
inventory documented changes in the AT environment, including numerous policy and extensive
infrastructure improvements. The survey showed increases in reported AT behaviour compared with
previously conducted surveys, while reported barriers remained consistent. Observational studies were
done in two communities and results compared with studies done in previous years. Levels of AT activity
were significantly higher in several locations. Interviews with key informants identified several themes
regarding the impact of the CIA, and gave an average rating of 4.5 regarding the CIA’s contribution to
observed changes.
Many factors contribute to increasing AT activity in a community. The study findings indicated that the
CIA has contributed to these changes. At a community-­‐level, promotional efforts were successful in
raising awareness of AT, which contributed to more people using AT more often. Demonstrating
demand in the community is an important aspect of influencing decision makers. Initiatives directed at
municipal officials have influenced changes to policy and planning and to a lesser degree, infrastructure.
The CIA has been able to position themselves as a credible resource to municipalities, and have added
value and capacity to municipal projects and priorities. In small, rural communities, where both human
and financial resources are limited, partnership between municipalities and community groups like the
CIA is a critical aspect of creating communities that support and encourage active transportation.
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